Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

Our Independent Domestic Violence Advisors are qualified specialists who provide a free and confidential service to victims and survivors to those who have experienced abuse from their intimate partners, ex-partners, family members or caregivers. We work with males and females, including those in same sex relationships.

The main priority of our service is to increase the safety of victims and their children and the support aims to reduce the risk of further domestic abuse and the effects it may cause.

Our IDVA service is the primary point of contact for High risk victims of domestic abuse who are aged 16 years and above.

Usually we receive our referrals from partner agencies, however we also welcome direct contact from individuals experiencing domestic abuse.

Independent advocates give a voice to those who feel voiceless, enabling victims of violence to pursue justice and put the building blocks in place to begin a new life, free from fear.

How we can help:

Working with individuals from the point of crisis, we are able to assess the level of risk, develop a safety and support plan and discuss a wide range of suitable options. The IDVA will offer practical and emotional support to a victim/survivor tailoring the service to suit their individual needs.

We also work in partnership with other agencies where appropriate to ensure maximum service delivery to the victim/survivor with the aim of increasing the safety of the individual.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Planning
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Security measures
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Guidance and Support in Criminal/Civil court proceedings and with other strategic agencies that can help.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA):

Independent Sexual Violence Advisers play an important role in providing specialist tailored support to victims and survivors of sexual violence. An ISVA is an adviser who works with people who have experienced rape and sexual assault, irrespective of whether they have reported it to the police.

How we can help:

An ISVA offers individual tailored support to suit the client's needs including:

  • Providing accurate and impartial information to victims/survivors of sexual violence and to families of Children and Young people around the criminal justice process.
  • Provide support before, during and after the criminal and civil court proceedings.
  • Acting as a single point of contact, providing ongoing continuity, advocacy and advice.
  • Providing impartial important information such as available options, such as therapeutic support and information on other services that victims/survivors may require, for example in relation to health and social care, housing or benefits.
  • Ensuring the safety of victims/survivors and their dependents.

An ISVA can support you with your next steps after the legal process is over, regardless of the outcome of your case, and will be there for you even if you choose to withdraw from the criminal justice process at any point.

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